Elysium 2013 HD Movie Torrent Download

Elysium 2013 Full Movie Torrent Download


Elysium 2013 HD Movie Torrent Download


Elysium is a 2013 American science fiction thriller film written and directed by Neill Blomkamp. It stars Matt Damon,Jodie Foster, Alice Braga and Sharlto Copley.[4]

The film takes place on both a ravaged Earth, and a luxurious space habitat (Stanford torus design) called Elysium.[5]It explores political and sociological themes such as immigration, overpopulation, health care, exploitation, the justice system, and social class issues.[6]

The film was released on August 9, 2013, in both conventional and IMAX Digital theaters. It was a commercial success and received generally positive reviews from critics, even though many[who?] considered it a disappointment after Blomkamp’s first film District 9.

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