Rahasya HD Movie 2015 Download Torrent

Rahasya Hindi Movie 2015 Download Torrent


Rahasya HD Movie 2015 Download Torrent

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Director : Manish Gupta
Writer : Manish Gupta, Manish Gupta
Release Date : Jan 30 2015

Genre : Mystery, Thriller
Run Time : 123 min
Language : Hindi
Description :
A Doctor stands accused of killing his own eighteen-year old daughter. While this aggrieved father protests his innocence, all evidence points towards him irrefutably. While his own wife suspects him too, the C.B.I. sleuth on the case concludes that the doctor could not have killed his own daughter. So then, who did it? And why? As the C.B.I sleuth seeks these answers, he uncovers a vicious web of adultery and hidden family secrets…

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